Get More Crsystal Diamonds Dragon Bane Elite on iPhone

In dragon bane elite game, you must complete each quest to get some items including gems that you can use to do some upgrades
In order to get a help from the mystic Alchemists, you must get crystals to do it

dragon bane elite guides

So explore every corner of the land to earn the trust of the unique and mighty Companions and fight against other players from all over the world in the Arena and dominate the realm

You can choose among 9 classes, dozens of Companions with unique character design and many Formations give you countless choices to customize your party and prepare for battles and to roam with in every corner of the land

After you have leveled up your hero, you are be able to go to the tavern in order to recruit new party members among 9 classes of dragons in that each dragon will be equipped with their own unique skills and abilities as well
Moreover there will be dozens of Companions and lots of Formations to build a customized party to join in epic battles in over 100 Instances.

You will have to train your hero to increase the stats, equipped with better gear, and have said gear upgraded at the forge.
In having a good progress, you must plan a good formation during the play as well with different configurations to collect different bonuses to defense and the like.

There will be more than 100 Instances presenting different and challenging bosses in which it will test your strategy and the mixed features of Dungeon, Tournament and Clash of Guild.

The combat in this game will be automatically run as allies and enemies all take turns swatting at each other until one side is defeated in each battle session

And in the event of victory, you will do is gather up the loot to be added in the inventory and the bank for that will be needed to do some upgrades for your hero in this game

Gear can be collectively upgraded a total of six times before the forge needs to cool down.
Meanwhile the main character’s stat training such as attack, health, etc will need cooling down after each an every point of the quest.
Fighting in the Arena has a cooldown in that you can generate an expected stamina bar during the quest.

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