Crystal Ball Bulbs Stars Cheats in Be Together on iPhone

In be together game, you must bring both of the blobs together, while collecting as many stars as possible.
With these stars, you can unlock the next stages and unlock puzzle and unlimited hints in be together game

Be Together

After unlocking infinite hints, you have to be very sparing when using these as you only get three to start this game.
When using each hint, a piece of the solution will be put into place for you on the level.

Collecting the pets spreading around each collection of levels will be needed to unlock the extra-tough puzzles. So try grabbing those pets to unlock new puzzle immediately

Stars are primary item in this game as you can unlock every stage and unlock every puzzle to make any progress
Meanwhile if you are stuck, just go back and try improving the number of stars you can get from easier levels early.

You can still hit the Retry button to retain the guiding lines showing the progress you made although you have completed a level.
So do this if you miss stars to grab in every level you have accomplished.

You will need to complete a special achievement without using every prop if you want to get it on a level.
You can always try repeating the levels with even greater efficiency to get the mark of distinction to get three stars on every level.

In addition before stepping forward you can set things in motion by hitting the play button in order to see the starting conditions.
After learning that condition well you can start dragging and dropping behavior-changing objects into place.

If you skid in the game any longer you will fly higher.
Always pay attention in the hovering imps who can lift you up into the sky in order to to get extra height.
Dropping from greater height might make the difference between success and failure.

The teleporting berries always come in pairs so when your blob hits one of these berries, it will fly out of the other
Therefore you have to make sure to set these up firstly when both blobs are traveling at the same time.

Always beware of how you place the air vent units in Be Together.
The vent gets nearer to the traveling blob this vent will be pushed faster and further.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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