Crystal Sword Gem Cheats in Fionna Fights Adventure Time iPhone

In fionna fights adventure time game, you must try to get more gems by defeating every enemy you meet during journey

Fionna Fights Adventure Time

With the gems, you can upgrade your sword and any other weapon
Each one you destroy will add a gem to your tally, but some enemies need to be hit multiple times before they burst.

Complete a task by beating all enemies with just tapping on them which appear and swarm around the screen then clatter into more than one enemy in order to get a points combo.

You have to hit one of the enemies before it travels off the screen.
By doing so you will also get gems for bonuses

Swords can also be purchased which provide Fionna with a temporary burst of explosive damage.
Try to unlock one of the special upgrades which shower enemies with knives or fireballs.

You have to tap on the enemy that is the furthest away from Fionna when seeing two or more enemies are in perfect alignment with each other.
By doing so she will blast through the whole lot of them, giving you a combo-boosted score.

Have an ally with summon of a knife storm, send in NEPTR’s missile-blasting battle suit, or unleash the fury of the vampire king himself, Marshall Lee

Make sure you pick up the energy upgrade potion the activate it to get your energy regained automatically
You can tap on potions that pop-up on the playing field to fill energy meter.
Pick one of these up to get a very welcome boost to your energy meter as well.

You can do upgrades three times on four different swords into a maximum level.
The Golden Sword gives you a more powerful dash attack
The Root Sword adds an explosive touch to your damage
The Crystal Sword fills the sky with crystal shards
The mighty Demon Sword destroys absolutely everything it comes into contact with.

The Shield potion will temporarily stop any enemies from disappearing off the left-hand side of the screen.
So upgrade this potion to prevent an early end to your attempt

The Freeze potion upgrade stops everything on the screen dead in its place.
However do not be too quick when tapping away at enemies
You have to try and take out more than one at once so you get some decent combo points.

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