Crystals Cheats Generator in Heroes and Castles 2 iOS

Foursaken Media along with Heroes and Castles 2 will get you to control your heroes and defend your castles
Later on, you will have missions where you have to defend your castle from invaders

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In the way of completing your missions, you are involved in skirmishes with random batches of enemies, and ones where you have to raid your enemy’s castle before they destroy yours.

At the same time, you will also have to protect your castle from invasions, while freeing other lands from the skeleton armies that have invaded there.

Moreover, every time, you have conquered new lands, you will get bonuses and new units to use in battle
On the other side, if you cannot protect your castle, which is the main progression, with 50 total waves, you will be okay.
But if you die or your base is destroyed, you will lose that property in the game.

Also, you will need to both summon up different units, using your recharging currency of command points to bring forth a variety of offensive and defensive units.
In the battlefield, you also will run around while attacking enemies, so that your hero will gain experience, get a variety of weapons, and unlock different abilities along a skill tree.

Once completing your missions, you will be granted with crystals that you can use to get random new items, and upgrades for units.
You can also use common weapons that will do well enough for you early on as long as you use them.
You can also gain more exp and upgrades that you can do by replaying earlier levels.

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