Crystals Coins Cheats in Castle Champions iPhone

In castle champions game, all you will do is to accomplish the main goals that will earn you more crystals and coins
Here, you must also build rooms as much as possible with different functions in a castle to serve customers by providing a comfort accommodation

Castle Champions

Moreover you can hire workers by referring to their different advantages, and restock the stores, make money, raise troops, and prepare themselves for the battles against invaders and robbers.

Serve and help your visitors where they intend to go whether finding a bed or a drink or anything else to the very floors with an elevator in the middle of the castle.

Meanwhile taking them to commercial or industrial rooms will immediately provide a small amount of income
You have to beat villains, including skeleton warriors and golems in order to get more coins as a reward.

Creating a comfort residences or apartments will attract workers, shops and services to make a fortune as well
In addition you will be transporting visitors, or offering a ride, in Taxi or an elevator in order to serve them for having more coins.
Using those coins you can speed up time-consuming tasks such as building new rooms, restocking items and completing quests with military units for income.

Every floor in this game holds up to two rooms so that you have to expand upwards for inserting more facilities as efforts to invite workers and train soldiers and collect more coins.

On the other word starting out with a small castle of only two rooms, you have to decide whether to concentrate on building up your forces or earning more money via constructing residential areas and enticing new citizens to the castle. By doing so you will have a great combination needed for real success.

Select heroes, train soldiers, and just tap the skill button at top left to deal special attacks while the rest of the battles would be up to the automatic actions of their heroes and soldiers.
Your forces will be built from a combination of regular troops and special heroes that you can get through the spending of crystals.

Every three minutes while you are actively playing the game, a new tournament battle begins.
Therefore before going to that battle you have to arrange your formation of military units and your hero, level them up and ensure they are prepared for battle.
While watching the battle you have to press the special ability button as soon as it is active.
So winning battles will be really important to get a “winning streak bonus” that increases the price in the player’s shops and the number of people who will come to shop in them.

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