How to Find Crystals Gems in Cute Heroes on iPhone

In cute heroes game, you must try to accomplish every goal to get some gems or coins
With gems and coins, you can go for some missions that you have to go through during the game play

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So by defeating every enemy in the battle will allow you to collect some coins that you can use to upgrade some items needed for your lovely hero

Before doing so much moves, you must improve your tactic skills and upgrade your troops then lead your warriors to beat all 100 levels through the lands of zombies in which it will be the best way of leading you for victory

Note that while doing some missions you will have to defend your castle and attack any enemies trying to invade your castle

You can also use all of 6 types of battle magic to fry Wolverine with a Lightning bolt before the beast reach your castle
For the better raid, you can count on your archers to deliver long range attack in Multiplayer battles

You will be as a commander that will manage and command 12 allies units including Archers, Swordsmen, Tesla, special guest heavy-mounted Paladin and Suicidal Kamikadze unit as well

Equip your hero with amazing power-ups and tons of armor to face and complete 100 dangerous levels in single campaign with 3 levels of difficulty

After recruiting a band of valiant warriors, you will then lead them in tons of levels to fight against zombies around in your castle area.

In this tower defense and castle occupying game, you will also solidify your base while trying to capture neutral structures and beating your opponent as much as possible.

Therefore, your best tactics will determine your victory in 100 battle campaign or join to compete with real players worldwide in the multiplayer online mode.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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