How to Earn More Crystals Gems in Total Domination Reborn iPhone

In total domination game, you will have to try to get more resources including crystals as the money cash, uranium and titanium that you can use to build up a solid base that will produce resources such as titanium and uranium as the currency of this civilization.

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Those resources uranium and titanium will be needed to build all of your buildings, maintain units, training troops and researching tech.
Crystals as the premium currency of this game will be important to instantly complete construction, training, and research.

By having those crystals, you can buy back units you have lost in combat and get a few buildings built with that crystal.
In addition, you can have crystals via IAP or complete each mission and each time you level up.

Afterward, you will train an offensive force, and use it against other players’ bases while defending base-building against attacks from the other players.
And once having enough troops and tradable goods, you can go to other sectors to either fight against them, or make allies with other players.

You can upgrade buildings many times, most of them to level 20 in which the cost of upgrading buildings ramps up very quickly like upgrading a resource generating building from level 10 to 11 will take a time to generate profit for your base.

On the other side, there will be new technologies to unlock buildings and units, and some technologies can be upgraded up to level 20 to improve the abilities of your combat units.

Once improving your base, you will also improve your ability to find points of interest on the map that contains other players’ bases, AI bases, Deposits, and more.

AI bases can be attacked to progress through a single-player storyline.
Deposits in this game are small secondary bases delivering a lot of extra resources so that you have to defend it at all cost.

After building a few important buildings, you can do research activities such as transportation, flight, and more.
When doing a research, you will gain the ability to perform more tasks, earn more currency, and build a stronger army for your civilization.

During the game, you can mark other players as allies or enemies, form Clans, visit other players’ bases, exchange private messages, raid other bases, donate troops and resources, then trade technologies and resources.

Once having goods, you can go to trading system which will allow you to offer up modules for one technology in exchange for modules of another technology you request.
Alongside, you can put up a certain amount of one resource and request a different amount of a different resource as well.

When raiding another base, you have to calculate how many units you assign to a raid and how many units you have garrisoned in your base when you are defending.

There will be over 30 types of units with different stats and your units consist of offensive types and defensive types in which the offensive units being the best at raiding and the defensive types being the best at protecting your base.

You will encounter to complete a task either raiding or becoming allies with other sectors in the area in that other real-life players run these sectors.

Nevertheless, you will either join a large alliance of gamers working hand in hand to help each other in battle, or you will fight alone trying to become the sole force on the planet with total domination.

You will be tasked to build an airfield that takes a few minutes to complete.
Meanwhile, you will be on a mission to destroy an infestation of enemy aliens.
In addition, you will do a research of some new technology while training new troops.

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