Crystals Gold Coins Cheats in Hidden Land HD iPhone

When playing hidden land hd game, you must gather up more gems and gold that you can use to purchase some power ups

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This game will allow you to earn more currencies freely by increasing the land’s “Harmony.”
Meanwhile completing a task such as finding out hidden objects blackwood and bell will earn you certain bonuses including those currencies

During the play you will navigate between two different realms in time: the past and present, while solving various Hidden Object sections and minor challenges.

For doing so you can gamble on a blinking slot machine in the present or on an ancient fortune wheel in the past with an objective of helping out random citizens by finding and assembling certain sets of collectables.

There will be dozens of empty land plots in the past and present world maps, that will be automatically opened up based on your character level.

In the way of your journey you will keep traveling from past to future and from future to past to complete a scene while trying to find three objects, then move again to find three more objects

You will also have a minor city building element in which you can build structures to gather tokens used on Slots to earn various goodies needed in this game.

Moreover each statue and landmark you build will grant you a specific perk over time, such as giving you 1 Sun Token every 2 minutes, or adding on to your total Harmony score.
On the other side you can move your landmarks to any open locations after you build them.

In addition scene mastery will see you replaying the same scene repeatedly for extra experience points and other rewards

And you can also purchase multiple hints like one that makes the flashlight beam wider to discover more of a scene in the dark and to complete scenes easier
Besides hints you can also have power-ups to increase all experience points earned for a short time.

When completing one task to another you will go around different locations in order to find a selection of objects in that those objects are described in writing, while others merely offer a silhouette to figure out.

The hidden object scenes in the game will provide you a lot of boosts and bonuses to have some power ups
In the way of finding those objects you will be allowed to use tools such as magnet and torch

Try to use “power-ups” to discover one of the items you are looking for
And you can use a magnet to complete the level in quick time
Then using a torch will help you search those hidden objects through the dark

As making some progresses through the game you will meet many of the game’s quests that ask you to collect specific items, whereby it will need to be accomplished in a variety of ways, from playing hidden object scenes to trading other collectibles with computer-controlled characters that walk around the village.

During your journey of discovering the mysteries of an island lost in time and space you will enter this mystical realm through an ancient portal and gain power of time.
By using these powers you will eventually change history and rescue the people of this mysterious land.

For such reason you have to get some clues by meeting a great Chieftain, a wise Shaman, a brave Treasure Hunter, a mysterious Medium, and many other characters because they will tell their fascinating stories to help you solve the mystery and save the island.

Meet also A Cheerful Bunny and help him create a joyful holiday for the residents, past and present then get an amazing reward by helping in manifesting his dream

In addition you will experience an adventure throughout a backdrop of magnificent palaces, hidden sanctuaries, and lavish treasuries with every location revealing their secrets for anyone adventuring this place.

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