Crystals Mecha Cheats Space Settlers iPhone

In space settlers game, you must build your own legion then having an expeditionary force to carry the most powerful energy from the other space.
So just create your own space force and join this game among worldwide players online

space settlers guides

In this mecha refitting you have to try getting the blueprints of as many as 25 types of mecha chariots free with the increase of tech levels
Afterward you can refit every chariot as you wish into unique mecha chariots with over 100 accessories provided.
There will be over 25 mecha chariot types with over 100 accessories for you to be modified

First thing you have to notice is to create and join in legion then fight in the intense battlefield among multiple players
In multiplayer battlefield section you can drive chariots that you have just created, launch attacks thenoccupy planets in person.
You can also play the planet battlefield of real-time strategy type with intelligent locking and attack strategy.

You can join legions composed of settlers to attack and occupy target planets.
Therefore you have to engage them in the fights for resources to make a contribution to your legion and get resource rewards.

You can make friend groups and invite them for the team-up of advanced fort fighting.
This game also offers optimized chat system in which players can chat each other during playing this game and supported with auto enemy planet search function.
Build a solid team mate so that you can give resource and material to friends as gifts, or send mecha and accessories to them effortlessly.

This game also features a complete online multi-task upgrade and manufacturing system so that it well satisfies online base construction demand and suits casual gamers.
This free multi-player game will also provide mecha combat, real-time strategy, fortress attack, legion war and soon.

In addition this game will supported with diversified elements, including tech study, base construction, building upgrade, mecha refitting, interactive chat, group fight, planet exploration, honor gaining etc
Just be the new member of legion so that you can occupy the target plants to fight for collecting more resources

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