How to Get Extra Gas Token Gold in CSR Classics iPhone

When playing csr classics game, you must to get victory in more races to earn money cash
Just get the tricky boost at initial start of the race to give yourself an edge in races.

csr classics tips

Afterward, After focus on the dials while anticipating the gear changes and the lights when starting the race for the first time
Keep an eye on the red lights that gradually light up, and mash the gas pedal as fast as you can in order to get a little speed boost before the flag goes down
Tap it to make the dashboard light turn green then tap slowly to maintain the position.

In order to make more money in this game, try to grind your way through the Regulation races and burn through your Gas reserves quickly
Meanwhile, make sure you set the challenge to a level you know you can comfortably beat, without risking a total loss so that it will attract an efficient flow of money cash.

You simply select which make of car you want on the Car Dealer button at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
Once having enough cash, unlock the cars provided in a Loved condition – and even some of the Unloved bangers as well.

After having some new cars, you must have got the Mechanic to give your car performance a boost on last a certain number of races.
So the more coins you spend, the more boosts per coin you get for reward whereby you can afford to invest in this area with the 5 race boost pack.

Once unlocking new cars, you must unlock a number of tiers, each one of which contains battles, ladders, challenges etc.
Therefore, you have to beat the previous tier’s crew members and boss to get those tiers.

With those money you have collected from the race, you can do some upgrades for your cars
After that, you can tune up to smooth out your weakness in a given part of the campaign.

Gear Box upgrade will make your gear changes happen more quickly and will shoot up your revs so that you can maintain a solid lead over the competition.

Upgrade Engine or raw power will be the reward from upgrading the engine of your classic car.
Having a better carburetor will give you more efficient fuel flow, and will again give a boost to the horsepower as well.
Then improving your exhaust performance will also increase your horsepower.

In addition, installing a nitrous system will give you a burst of extra speed once during each race.
Upgrading Tires and Rims will reduce the risk of wheel-spin when getting off to a brisk start.

After everything has been upgraded well, you can take on a special battle in the daily event.
Be sure not to spend all your Gas on taking part in special missions early on unless you have a better vehicle with a few upgrades attached while using your precious Gas as efficiently as possible.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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