Extra Candy Solutions in Cut the Rope 2 for iPhone

In cut the rope 2 game, you must help Om Nom to find his candy and do in favor of Om Nom’s beloved stash of candy that has been stolen by spiders so that you will guide him to the outside world, far from the safe confines of his box home.

cut the rope 2 tips

In line with this, he must reclaim his candy one piece at a time by cutting the ropes that hold it captive and he will also need to call on his new friends, the Nommies, to collect especially for hard-to-reach candy.

Along the game, you will travel through several environments containing twenty levels and some unlockable bonus levels.
So all you have to do is simply to swipe from left to right to switch between the level packs.

Each stage in this game will give you at least one rope in it that functions to hold up a piece of candy that you need to drop or roll into Om Nom.
For such reasons, you can cut the titular rope simply by swiping it in which such rope may also hold up planks, traps, and hazards.
Nevertheless, you will not need to cut every single rope to finish a level, and sometimes it is necessary to just let a rope alone than disturbing it.

In the way of completing every level, you have to feed candy to Om Nom so that he will move on.
In order to feed him, drop the candy from up high, roll it towards him, or you can find a way to make it fly upwards.

Furthermore, you will need to move on to the next level and unlock new level packs so that you have to collect stars that you can do by brushing them with the candy while it is on its way to Om Nom

Scoring top points on a level will be a must whereby you usually need the help of Om Nom’s friends to help all challenges.
According to this, you can ask for help from your friends when trying to accomplish each level

Using Lick, a chameleon whose long tongue will help you form bridges for candy and environmental objects like logs that is swinging from ropes that can be used to knock nearby objects aside.
On the other side, Boo scares Om Nom, causing the normally-immobile monster to jump upwards.
And, a dragonfly that will help you carry environmental objects, candy, and even Om Nom himself.
Meanwhile, with Toss, you can throw objects upwards, including candy.
And together with Blue, a self-replicating Nommie, you can tap on him to make an instant clone so the clones can stack and lift objects into the air.

Later on, you will need balloons that will help you when Om Nom falls into the outline of a balloon, it instantly inflates and snags onto him.
Therefore, the more balloons you have, the higher you soar in that you can pop balloons to drop altitude as objects like logs are attached to balloons as well.

Purchasing these balloons will make Om Nom float on the spot, a “candy rain” that causes candy to cascade from the sky, and a firefly that demonstrates exactly how to get all three stars on any level.

By pressing on bellows, it will send forth a burst of air because this burst pushes around objects in the vicinity, as well as balloons, and Om Nom.
If you want to attract more candies, you can use magnet to make it happen
Moreover, using planks will form bridges for candy and environmental objects and they can be lifted from above by Blue, or by another force.

In addition, collecting clover along the game will unlock the secret levels at the bottom of each level pack in which some levels have four-leaf clovers that Om Nom can collect in addition to his candy.

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