How to Collect Daily Bowl Points in Big Win Football iPhone

In big win football game, be sure not to try to win more bucks by winning the big bowl games but do the come up free offers that can earn you bucks, such as “liking” the game on Facebook or Twitter and use every single buck that you earn on gold card packs to give you a good amount of player cards.

Big Win Football on iPhone

Save those silver cards and gold cards when you are at a higher level to face off against other players with powerful cards in their decks.
Use your statistical upgrade cards to upgrade the players who is most important and touch the ball the most.

For example, if you get a choice to upgrade a quarterback or a safety, go for the quarterback since technically, they touch the ball on every play.
In general, base your upgrade choices off of real football and which positions make the most difference in a game.

Save the upgrade cards for only the players with the highest statistics, if possible.
Upgrading bronze players is absolutely pointless, because they will be the first to get replaced, but upgrading gold players should be your first priority, and silver players should be your second, since they are the ones who make the most difference on the field and are more likely to be in your lineup for a long time.

Get the best players on your team from silver and gold card packs.
Play quick games and watch videos for more coins, and load up on silver card packs.
Keep the big impact cards, and use the stat upgrade cards judiciously

At lower levels, use the silver cards to go for Daily Big Bowl games to win more big bucks by placing in the top three.
Remember when at a higher level, then skip to use the silver cards to go for Daily Big Bowl games and start doing all the free offers in order to get Big Bucks.

Use those Big Bucks to open up gold card packs, load up on gold cards, and put any gold player cards to your your immediate team.
Take the gold big impact cards and stat upgrade cards, and save them for when you really need them.

Use your victories in the Daily Big Bowl to keep getting Big Bucks and card packs in order to get a way to be coming a Big Bowl champion every day
Play as many games as you can and watch as many videos as you can to get 150 coins for each video you watch.

Silver cards can also be found infrequently in bronze card packs.
Get gold card from the gold card pack and other premium card packs.
The gold pack is the cheapest as far
Get also gold card from the player pack, big impact and big contracts but the only way to get big Skill Boost gold cards is from the Gold Pack itself.

Try to login everyday to earn free gold cards as a daily log in bonus after a certain number of days.
Try to get the player pack to give you platinum cards including Big Boosts and the Big Players.
Big Boosts earns you exclusively platinum Skill Boost cards, which can massively improve your player cards
Big Player cards will earn you exclusively platinum player cards.

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