How to Collect Stars in Darklings for iPhone

In darklings game, you must beat every enemy in each round to earn more stars
Here, you will take a role as a hero named Lum in which he will catch demon souls by drawing the patterns appearing over his enemies.
And, you must be quick to kill bad guys, otherwise if they touch him, the game is over.

darklings tips

In the way to defeat enemies in this game, they will usually come at you in groups, in that you have to capture those near you first while watching on their patterns and drawing them quickly

In line with this, you will not need to be entirely accurate, but close enough that they resemble their diagrams then continue drawing the configurations as quickly as you can so that you can build combos to earn you more stars.

Furthermore, in order to earn more stars in this game, they will pop up after you defeat enemies and float upwards towards the sky.
Once seeing them, just draw them back down to Lum for absorption.
Note that you have to go for capturing them in quick time as enemies will approach from all sides.

When going to the battles in the first segment, you have to draw bosses shapes first when they throw projectiles and other enemies come at you in rapid fire so you must be quick.

And when you get to the second segment, you have to fight back by drawing configurations in the right order as it will unleash a huge beam of light
If you have done correctly three times, it will defeat the enemy at once.

If you are difficult to beat the enemy, you can use boosts that can be earned at random over the course of a match, including Blast, that destroys everything in close range
Meanwhile, you can use Magnet, which draws stars closer to your hero while using Shield will generate a huge shield surrounding your hero

If you want to boost drawing capability against enemies, you can use energize boost
With Freeze boost, you can freeze the ground near your hero so that you can capture foes as well.

Once making some progresses through the game, you can earn and multiply upgrades, including starry, combo machine, extra time and double stars
With Starry, you can earn bigger stars that will rack up higher totals for more stuff to buy.
Combo machine increases the number of stars that you can collect in each turn.
Extra Time gives you a better chance at surviving an enemy encounter.
And, Double the Stars multiplies your star pick-ups by two.

Besides upgrades and power ups, you can get some costumes to give a new look for your heroes including Eros, Eskimo , Iceberg, Magician, Cactus, Masked, Viking, Wizard, Monk, Undead, Santa, Be Juicy, Crow, Bat, Spidey and Vader costume

As gathering a bunch of stars through each stage, you can also unlock companions and several allies that can help you over the course of the game.
For the first, you can try with Fairy Lilly, who will help you blow up enemies with one blast a turn.

On the other side, you can ally with starhunter which help you collect stars for a limited time, and the Grim Reaper will attack enemies every three seconds.

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