Weapon Equipment Cheats in Far Cry 3 The Outpost on iPhone

In far cry 3 the outpost game, you must try to learn how to decode mod data firstly in far cry 3 the outpost game

Far Cry 3 The Outpost

When playing this game you have to try decoding the encrypted data in order to unlock advanced weapon mods and collect bonus XP.
Remember not to wait until you play the game when start decoding.

After unlocking a weapon mod, you can accept it and give it to one of your friends to join the battle with you as a team

If you want more XP straight from your phone you can sell your weapon that you do not use again.
Try to keep tracking of your progress through the Daily and Weekly Challenges.
Note that by completing these challenges you can earn more XP as well.

Just view and customize your loadouts so that you will be ready to play back into a multiplayer match or co-op chapter in the game.

Try to unlock advanced weapon mods for your favorite guns and customize your loadouts on the go
You have to set your weapon loadouts on the fly, so that you can jump straight into the action with your best weapons equipped.

Join and invite your friends in the game with the Far Cry 3 mobile app for multiplayer and co-op.
You can check out your personal stats and the stats of your friends such as time played, level, top weapons, awards and equipment.

Get your map and make it in the Map Editor then keep tracking it as your guide.
By doing so you can follow the current tier placements and view how many people have liked your maps you have just created in this game.

Some equipments that you have to get in this game
Try to unlock armor equipments such as light body armor, flak vest, bandolier, heavy body armor and explosive bandolier
Try upgrading your weapons with high range, damage, accuracy, fire rate and mobility

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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