Gold Bucks Cash Cheats Deer Hunter 2014 for iPhone

In deer hunter 2014 game, just participate in the general hunts, trophy hunts or contract hunts time and time again in that they will give you a chance of gathering every single buck.

deer hunter 2014 tips

The most of all, playing latter hunts will be very quick and easy with good cash as a reward.
In order to make it true, just try failing the stage to earn 200-300 bucks apiece, so that you can use them to have better upgrades and better rifles for more stunts.

In the way of making money in this game, you will be assigned to hunt all kinds of animals such as deer,wolves, bears, ducks and geese.
In addition, participating in the contract missions will make some quick cash, but you will also make your energy go a little further by making use of your rifle’s infrared feature.

For such reason, increase the power of your rifles to force your way through tougher, more lucrative missions and try to make heart shots to get a little extra cash.

To make your job easier, you will definitely need infrared vision to help you see where the heart or the lungs is.
Once knowing that position, you will simply tap out of it and fire for taking down that animal.

On the other side, if you want to make your infrared last longer than usual, do not try to activate infrared version you have until the very last minute to get the most use from it.

Remember, after getting enough cash, you must upgrade your scope to help you land a heart shot or other specialty shot as you can zoom in more for a closer look while knowing these vital organs in that the heart sits in the middle, and the lungs are either side of the heart.

However, if you run out of infrared ammo, the heart is below and behind the lungs in which you can make a heart shot from the back of the animal or from the rear-side.

Getting a gun with a better infrared meter will be a must then you will have to upgrade your current gun once getting enough cash.
Furthermore, try to aim right in order to kill them in one shot whereby selecting the right type of weapon for your missions will come to success for shooting any target

Pick the assault rifle for missions where you have to kill an entire stampede of animals.
If you can not afford an assault rifle, you can use shotgun for big animals where you do not have to hit a specific target.
Always carry on pistols as these are best for small animals that run fast.

Note that some of the animals will fight back like wolves that will charge at you immediately after an errant strike, that is why you should get your secondary weapon on standby like bringing your shotgun everytime playing in the missions.

The energy system will stop you from playing too much of the game for free in any one sitting so that you have to wait a few minutes for the energy bar to refill or use some of the gold bars that you earn to top it up as soon as possible.

In line with this, do not waste your precious gold bars on minor waiting times.
Therefore, you can spend your money wisely to replace gold bars and you can also wait four minutes for an upgrade to arrive.

Moreover, completing every trophy hunt in the region you are currently in will open up the next region in the game.
So focus on the rifle requirements before starting one of these hunts in a mission.

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