How to Increase Defense and Rating in The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth iPhone

In the hobbit kingdoms of middle earth game, you must try to train defensive troops to have a good offense and you can train them in your barracks doubles as a defensive troop when they are stationed in your city.

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Just train defensive troops by upgrading your City Wall when you are in the city view.
By doing so you will be able to train more defenses, which consist of traps, caltrops, defense crossbows and defensive trebuchets.
The traps are strong against foot soldiers

The caltrops are strong against mounted troops
Both the crossbows and trebuchets are strong against the ranged troops such as archers, axe throwers, etc.

Note that the higher of a level that you try do do more upgrade to your wall to the higher level so that you can train the more troops, and you will be able to unlock the more advanced troops.

Note that various forms of research can power up your troops to help your defense and your attack.
Research Honed Blades to its maximum level, your attack power will increase massively by 5 percent.
Research Vigor to increase their health
Research Strongbox to increase the amount of resources that the Vault can hold.

Always remember when you are in the process of building your troops back up, go to your keep, then your overview, and turn on “Hide all troops” to keep them safe from attack.
Keep in mind not to collect any quest rewards until you absolutely need them in order to keep resources safe, aside from using the vault.

Every troop that you train in the barracks is worth a certain amount of might.
Your first tier of troops including your elven or dwarven militia, mounted elves or dwarves, and your archers or axe throwers depending on your race will be worth 4 might each.

Your second tier is worth 16 might each and your third tier is worth 24 might each.
So that just build and upgrade your forge or armory and your stables, and do all of the necessary upgrades and research to unlock these higher tier troops.

You have to get defensive troops by training them to increase your might rating.
Just go to the city view and upgrade your wall

Afterward go to the wall itself and start training troops.
By doing so your traps, caltrops and defense crossbows are worth 18 might each, and defensive trebuchets are worth 24 might each.
So just build up both your offensive and defensive troops to double the might number.

Be sure to build and upgrade more and more barracks to train troops more quickly.
Once you have unlocked troops in one barrack by upgrading buildings and researching technologies then you have to upgrade the other barrack enough to train the higher-tier troops.

Also, build an embassy, which you can do in your city view.
Tap on any empty space and select the embassy then build it.
Afterward build a Muster Field, so that your allies can muster their troops in your city.

After building them try to create an alliance, or to join an alliance.
Try to recruit someone in the global chat if you want to join an alliance, or on a forum or on Facebook.

You can advertise your own alliance in the forum or on Facebook, or in the global chat, but make sure to have the might and the experience to make people want to join your alliance first.
Just find newbies to the game and invite them.

Now you can send your troops to other people’s cities in order to be under the control of that person’s command, or they can send cities to yours for the same purpose.

Try to ask your alliance members for resources, or send resources to alliance members who are asking you for resources.
Just use your supply troops to make this happen.

Try to agree upon whose cities should be set as gathering points ideally it should be a higher level player who plays the game frequently so that you can increase the power of your alliance.

Afterward you can send your combined forces to execute attacks on other players’ kingdoms, or even on multiple members of the same alliances.
Try to become the highest ranked in the game by beating the most troops.

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