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In deus ex the fall game, you must accomplish every mission to get more credits as money to purchase ammo and new weapons
Here, you play as Ben Saxon, the former British SAS Mercenary trying to discover the truth behind global conspiracy which concerns your own life and the essential drug Neuropozine.

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When doing your mission, you will have few tasks like exploring elaborate environments and getting in a room to find a convenient tablet with the password close nearby.

When following through story, you will arouse a powerful new skill in that certain augments have been combined or tweaked, but you will have to try unlocking the ability to punch through walls, influencing NPC dialogue, cloaking through groups of enemies and much more actions.
Along the game, you will have a “Move Heavy Objects” augment, like hitting the Move button just to slide the obstruction out of the way.

If you do not want to involve in firefights, most enemy encounters can be avoided by hacking a security terminal to turn turrets against your foes.
Thus you can blow them away by simply tapping the touch-to-move buttons or virtual stick controls to make aiming at enemy AI.

Meanwhile, by having a good strategy you get you to play it through more than once as a new mode is unlocked and completed for the first time
Moreover, you can opt to start again, but with all the augmentations you have leveled up throughout the first play of this game

Speaking of which, while much of the structure and gameplay style has been borrowed from Revolution, developer N-Fusion Interactive has added extra gameplay features. There are new augmentations to power-up your character and, because of the touchscreen and the fact that The Fall has been designed specifically to make use of it, there are new mini-games and controls.

This game will also allow you to move through a virtual joypad – left thumb controls movement while the right allows you to look around
You can also tap the screen on the position you want to go.

Performing a double tap on cover will send your hero scuttling to hide behind it, essential for fire fights or to hide from guards as well.
Furthermore, you just tap on each node to unlock it that make this game more intuitive.

In the way of making this game more enjoyable, you can turn on or off auto targeting in the menu system option that will make things much more easy or more difficult depending on your skill level.

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