Diamonds Coins Cheats in Kick The Boss 2 for iPhone

You must get infinity money coins in kick the boss 2 game that you can use to purchase most of the weapons that you will come across during playing this game.

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So follow these instructions to learn hot to get massive coins in this game In order to get free coins you can try attacking the boss over and over with some weapons.

You can use bananas as a weapon when beating the boss for earning more coins, while some weapons, such as molotov cocktails, are lousy for collecting coins.

The weapons such as the deadly weapon AK-47 or the whimsical weapon Bananas and Erasers are the great ones to get more hit to the boss.

Try to get more coins per hit so that it will be quickly your weapon will kill the boss, and each time that you kill the boss you will gain experience points.

You can punch the boss with the giant speaker that you can get for 1,500 coins and you just tap it and wait around while the sound waves beat the crap out of the boss to earn you bonus coins.

The fusion pistol will be the fastest weapon for killing the boss that you can get.
Just set it by far away from the boss, on the other side of the screen.
Afterward tilt your phone so that the boss gets stuck in the corner.
Then, point out the gun so that when it explodes, all four of the shots from the gun will hit the boss.

After choosing your weapon you have to upgrade it as soon as possible to increase the amount of coins that you can earn from it.

On the other side you will earn more coins from each hit that you land, but the weapons shots or hits will come faster, look cooler, and usually they will do more damage to the boss, allowing you to gain levels much more quickly.

If you want to get free coins you can also click on one of the ads for other games that pops up every so often

Tapping the advertisement will take you to the app store, but go back to the game without downloading the advertised game.
Afterward get back to Kick the Boss 2 to grab a bonus of 500 coins.

Try completing the quests as quickly as possibly in order to maximize the amount of free coins and diamonds that you can get.

You can experiment and tap on items in the background to learn how to complete quest by quest in this game.

Diamonds are used to do anything including buying premium weapons and weapons parts then craft weapons.
Simply go to the store button in the menu and tapping on either the free coins button or the free diamonds button.

When tapping on either one it will guide you to the offer wall on Tapjoy.com so that you can choose between a variety of offers which can earn you either coins or diamonds for free.

In addition, go to the map screen and go to the pirate ship.
Afterward you can play the game of chance as many times as you want, as long as you have the free turns that will be one more free turn every 4 hours or the diamonds to play the game.
By doing so you will get prizes including both coins and diamonds.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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