Diamonds Cheats Earthcore Shattered Elements Epic Card Battle Game TCG iPhone

Earthcore: Shattered Elements from Tequila Games is a new and extremely graphically intensive CCG for the iOS platform
Here, you can see the gameplay elements in eccentric one

Earthcore Shattered Element walkthrough apple watch android

Along the game, all you will do is to collect cards and other goodies on the way.
The battle system is what really makes this game stand out from the others.

Be sure to learn your opponent’s element.
Fire beats earth
Earth beats water
Water beats fire.
At that point every card has a “danger” component, which is the measure of harm managed to the cardholder if that card loses.

Obviously, its not all super straightforward and simple.
The abilities for every individual card truly have the effect in fight.

You can utilize one ability for each turn, to do things, for example, swap spaces, take the component of the card beside you, or transform the rival or both of you into dust.

The abilities are what make the fight, making for a huge amount of customization.
Exploit the card creating framework in this game to art your own particular cards.

Created cards can possibly be more intense than stock cards, in addition to they will have better aptitudes.

Watch out however as they will frequently have a higher danger element, despite the fact that that goes with the job, truly.

All things considered, make sure to keep your deck supplied with a much number of water, fire and earth cards.

There doesn’t need to be a consummately equivalent number of them, yet you ought to attempt to make it so you have as near to equivalent numbers as could be expected under the circumstances

Thus, you don’t get found napping by another player who is solid in one component and feeble in another component.

Skillwise, use them as frequently as could be allowed and when in doubt or if all else fails, utilize an assaulting aptitude.

An assault expertise is constantly great to utilize in light of the fact that it will wear out the contradicting card holder progressively, gradually sucking endlessly their hit focuses and making them much less demanding to beat, or simpler to beat with awful card combos.

This game features currency in form of diamonds or gems that you can collect through the game
To get more of them, you must try to win each battle with your opponents

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