Diamonds Cheats for Secret Characters in Slingshot Rush iPhone

BoomBit has launched a simple and fun game called Slingshot Rush on the apple store
Here, you will be brought to swing around like a sling shot.

slingshot rush walkthrough apple watch ios

To play this game on your phone, you will merely tap and hold to attach to a sling point
Then, let it go to launch your characters to reach the points

During the gameplay, make sure to always follow a row of yellow diamonds
At this point, just try to set up your sling to make you follow the curve exactly, since you will get a vision to take the most efficient path

Sometimes, you may not need to sling to get around a corner.
In line with this, try to skip a sling point to keep going straight
Doing so will allow you to make a turn without ever slinging.

When you are about to attach to a sling point and guide your character, do not hold for too long as it will make you slam straight into a wall if you circle around the sling point too much.

To deal with this, try to hold your sling until you get lined up with the upcoming turn
After you have the right moment, just let it go in a perfect time.

If you tap it rapidly, you will send your character out of control
Do not attach your sling in sporadic bursts, or it will be hard to control your character
Otherwise, try to make short taps with long intervals in between to keep your movement under control so that you can guide your character in safe way.

In addition, you will also have to collect diamonds and unlock awesome characters such as Chilly, Willy, Quadropussy, Mishap, Chocco, Dude, Ted, Leon, Spyro and Babe
Those characters will not increase your performance in which they just give a different look when you play with them through the stages

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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