Diamonds Cheats in Tap Tycoon Country vs Country iPhone

Game Hive has launched their newest game called Tap Tycoon Coountry vs Country on the ios and android markets in which you will get a chance to be a millionaire in this game

tap tycoon country vs country basic guides ios apple watch

Along the game, all you will do is to tap to create money out of thin air and get enough money to invest in your businesses.
Later on, you will have to build and upgrade your businesses by investing in some mind-boggling technologies such as the anti-gravity fork, luggage shrink ray, and the holographic window view

Here, you will get prestige more prestige points to get more cash as a base amount.
On the other side, you will also have to get more soldiers which function as prestige points and they are added relative to the amount of prestige points you have got

For further, you will then send soldiers at regular intervals
If your rank among your country’s contributors of soldiers is higher, you will get better bonuses

For such reasons, just try to switch to a smaller country on the list or a country without as many active players which will allow you to get high rankings.

Meanwhile, you will also have to get quick angels and tech cards with a Make It Rain, which will get you to spend 500 gems on 5 tech cards directly.

And, if you can hit 100 points, the synergy bonuses will come every 100 points that you get.
Then, if you can reach one of the new milestones, you can double your speed or double your income.
Thus, just keep working toward the next milestone for more income

If you want to earn a bunch of money fast, just try to activate the Fat Cat bonus, then upgrade your tapping level as high as it can go.
You can also activate all five of your skills, from right to left.

Furthermore, in order to recap the skills from right to left, you can use the Midas Touch to increase your tap value by at least a 100x multiplier based upon the level.

Also, using The Cash Stack, it will increase your chance to get a lot more cash.
Using The Business Supercharged will multiply all of your income by at least 2x based upon the upgrade level.

If you use Quick Cash, you will get an immediate influx of money in which it is also multiplied by the Fat Cat and Business Supercharged.

Once activating all five of those skills, just perform rapid-tap with as many fingers as possible whereby you will be able to earn an absolutely massive inflow of cash form this.

As usual, this game will always feature gems or diamonds as the premium currency
In addition, if you play the game with an internet connection, be sure to tap the boxes to get a chance of earning a massive cash award or five diamonds
In order to collect more gems or diamonds, you can watch a free ad video.

Make sure to get fairy videos when doing that action
At this point, just go to the options menu to get the fairy video option always turned on.
Besides, just go to the Fat Cat Come Back option to tap it so that you can watch his video which will reward you with the four hour bonus.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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