Diamonds Cheats Infinite Myths 2 Crush iPhone

Infinite Myths 2: Crush from Jame Carlay is a new epic card battling game, where you take the role of a summoner, then get involved in fast-paced battles while collecting some cards along the game

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When battling with the enemies, you can beat them if you destroy all of their cards, or you bring down their HP to zero.
Always cover your weak spots while attacking their openings.

In the mean time, you must also try to mix your cards
Anyway, if you have cards on both sides fighting each other, your enemy might not expect you to place a card down where they have an opening.
Note that if you have no card on the other side, your card will attack your opponent directly

Having protector cards will be extremely useful in which they have high health but low damage.
Their abilities are Taunt, that can force all currently played opponent cards on the board to attack the protector card.
Also, these cards are invaluable to deliver big damage combos.

Later on, you will have to enhance your cards by sacrificing extra cards that you do not need to power up a base card.
Leveling up your cards will be important as your cards will get new abilities as they reach certain levels.
Moreover, they will also learn abilities that define their class.

Gold and diamonds are the main currencies in this game
And you will easily get gold as there are freebies for you to collect later on.
You can get them in the online reward, which can be collected every ten minutes, then a gradual increase of five minutes per collect.
At this point, each time you collect it, you will also get 10,000 gold and 10 gems.

Every hero in this game is equipped with a signature ability that can be cast during your turn but your ability has a limited amount of charges.
So, just save them when the time is right

In order to collect gold and gems, completing the quests will be a good way to earn them
Here, you will then be tasked to clear a number of stages or bring your BR or battle rank up to a certain level.
If you go to the daily quests, the quests you find in here all relate to guild activities

Once again, always remember to have protector cards in your deck at all times.
Plus, you should also have at least one priest.

On the other side, one enchanter should be around too in order to buff your team.
And, the other slots should be comprised of mage or assassin type cards, as your main damage dealers.
In the mean time, you can also experiment around with different card types to see what the best of your composition of the cards

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