Diamonds Coins Cheats Pocket Village iPhone

In pocket village game, you are tasked to collect coins or diamonds by selling stuff you have made then you should make your Pocketeers busy at the sawmill, refining wood into lumber and making other items necessary for building things like nails, hammers.
Furthermore those items that your Pocketeers have made will be your main resources to exchange with money

pocket village tips

Therefore you can sell the resources that you gather then find the mysterious balloon trader as she passes through your village to buy your goods for valuable gold coins.

By doing so you will earn money coins cash to build your own village
Unlike many village building games, you do not need to collect rent from your citizens to make money.

But selling off the stuff you gather is your primary way to gather coin.
So always work hard to make some resources to get more money to purchase some goods needed in this game
In addition optimizing your production will enable you to build the biggest and best buildings for your Pocketeers in their village.

In this game, try to build a tranquil mini-paradise for your Pocketeers to live in. Then help them to collect a host of interesting treasures as well as extract rare natural resources.

Your Pocketeers are hard workers, who will clear away the debris littering their village to be processed into necessary resources
Some rocks will yield minerals, that can be refined into metal and processed into nails, hammers, and other items necessary for building things.

Meanwhile wood can be chopped down and turned into planks, which can be used for certain projects. Berries can be harvested and made into juice as well.

Building houses and exploring new territory will take times and need a great deal of money and resources, in which both of them take a whole lot of time to scrape up.

However in order to get all those stuff will take much time to be completed in one time
All of those stuff will be a challenge to accomplish to sort your resources for project or sale to build a city and gather freemium as well

There are few decoration options for your town that can only be unlocked at high levels.
On the other side try to keep your village growing with luxury mansions, fountains, cafes and funfairs for the Pocketeers to use and explore.

As your village grows you can meet the happiest guys and girls in the whole world of the Pocketeers
Those people are handy and creative and you can help them build a fantastic little village.
The key is to make sure everyone helps out so that you can make beautiful things for more and see your village grow.

In addition you can still produce hammers at the workshop, paint brushes at the art shop, and even a rocking horse at the toy shop as the resources to make money in the pocket village game

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