Diamonds Coins Cheats in Formula Cartoon All Stars iPhone

Cartoon Network has presented its newest game called Formula Cartoon All-Stars – Crazy Cart Racing with Your Favorite Cartoon Network Characters that you can play on the go

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Here, you can race with your favorite Cartoon Network characters such as Finn, Gumball, Mordecai, Ben 10, Jake, Rigby, Muscle Man, Steven Universe, Clarence and many more.

When going to race on track, you must try to master the use of all power-ups such as ice cubes, bubbles, tomatoes and more.

In line with this power ups, you can get one nitro boost in a race for free.
You can also get missiles power-up, which you can use to blast enemies at once.
The other ones like tomatoes can be used on the track to obscure your opponent’s view.

Be sure to activate shields and magnets during the race.
Always remember that, the former will protect you from attack
And, the latter means that you attract coins, which can then be used for new merchandise.

Beside power ups, you can also personalize your racing machine by mixing more than 100 different pieces.

Later on, you must also upgrade your acceleration, top speed and turbo to make the fastest car on the tracks including the Candy Kingdom, Regular Show’s Park, Elmore Junior High and many others.

With your fastest car, you can take part in tournament which will give you cool rewards if you can get a victory in that tournament

To drive your car, you can accelerate, turn and drift, with just one finger.
And, you will need motor oil in your veins to reach the highest level of achievement.

This game will get you to collect coins and diamonds as the premium currencies
To collect coins, you can get them by playing in game modes either Adventure or Tournament.
participating in tournament where you will compete with others and it will be a good way to earn trophies or even diamonds
You can get diamonds for free by being the victory when playing either adventure or tournament mode

To rack up coins quickly, you can take part in Adventure mode
Adventure is the game’s form of story mode where you will unlock new sections as you progress.
Later on, upgrades will unlock across the modes

Once collecting coins, you can use them to purchase new wheels, a new base, and a exhaust as well.
Next, you must save your coins for the Adventure Time base, as things can get expensive fast
You can also use coins to get new characters, each comes with special abilities.

If you have more gems or diamonds in this game, you will be able to purchase one off nitro boosts during races
With this kind of boost, you can use them for vehicle upgrades such as speed, acceleration, and turbo, although it does get pretty expensive after a time.
At this point, you can collect all the gems on the track.

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