Diamonds Rare Cards Cheats in Tower of Saviors on iPhone

In tower of saviors game, you must try to gather monster cards then evolve them to be the most powerful one

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Here, you must also level up and evolve monsters to form the strongest Team to fight with you.
But you must learn about building your team and using them to attack the monsters.
In the beginning of the game, you will be rewarded with “seal cards,” that act like trading cards in a collectible card game, like Magic: The Gathering.
So manage your team by swapping out weaker allies for stronger ones that you have collected.

Each level has a different number of rounds, but in the beginning will provide three levels.
A warning alert will notify you when you’re about to fight a boss.
Then you will be dealing with multiple enemies by selecting which one you want to focus your fire upon.

Try to match 3 Runestones to dissolve them so that you can attacks will be fired off towards the enemies.
Meanwhile you can create a higher number of Combos that will power up your attack against enemies.

This can be useful when using an opposite elemental attack so that you can hbit a fire monster with a water combo.
Note that Hearts can also be matched to heal you and your team

Just fight with mythical characters from Greece, Egypt, China to go through the experience of a legendary Summoner

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