Diamonds Cheats Minis iPhone

In minis game, all you will do is to try completing the main objective to get more diamonds
Here, you must build a tribal village, farms, huts and training grounds to make a progress through all of the game’s upgrade systems

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And by accomplishing each task you will earn rewards including experience points and diamonds as the main currency of this game
Involve in combating against monsters then collect resources from them including diamonds and new weapon for your minis troop

Start your own Minis family and customize every member with different armor and weapons to fight.
Your family member will work as a team to develop your tribe and fight against monsters roaming outside your village.

But beware of taking care of them as they grow old, become hungry or sick. Therefore train them well to become more powerful tribe amongst other players.
You can also create army with new born by holding them a marriage ceremony then summoning more baby Minis to build an army to fight for you

So grow your family by breeding them and develop your own village then try to become the most powerful tribe in the Minis world
Before hunting you have to explore a variety of different maps then lead your tribe to defeat monsters in their dungeons in order to collect materials and rare weapons for new born Minis.

Make a good strategy and use different skills to defeat monster bosses while clearing each monster which lurks in deep dungeons and pit your skills and stamina against them.

Once winning the battle and having more necessary materials from dungeons you can make armors and weapons to wear in the combat
They will look majestic by wearing those clothing and your Minis’ defense will increase during combat.
In addition equip your Minis with weapons to increase their attack power as well.

This game will allow you to look for friends from other tribes, attack them or help a poor tribe in trouble.
Try making a trick by sneaking into other villages to collect their resources silently then leave a message or footprint to let them know that you had been there.

You can invite your friends to have a battle with you and against other tribes or you can choose to fight against incredible monsters in combat to reach the top ranks.
Meanwhile you can go from quest to quest in a linear fashion, or even fight against other players or NPC monsters.

In addition in order to keep your resources and your village remained safe you can raise some pets to guard them from any other tribes that try to attack your tribe resources while you are going outside
But make sure to feed those pets to remain faithful to help you guard your resources and develop your village as well

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