How to Get High Score Coins in Diner Dash Rush on iPhone

In diner dash rush game, when your restaurant is full of hungry people, speed is the key to serve all customers getting their meal in the right time and to compete with friends for high scores in any other way.

diner dash rush tips

For such reasons, you will have to speed up Flo, the waitress, or enable her to carry more items at once.
Remember, you will be given 90 seconds or so to serve people in each table.
Therefore, service will be the main key to collect rewards such as coins and other power ups

Try using power-ups at the right moments as those power ups will allow Flo to move at turbo speed and enable her to get around tables faster.
When the guess came, you should have a seat the customers, take their order, deliver their food, before receiving tips and clearing the dirty plates away.
Once the guess finished their diner, always instruct Flo to clean tables so that it will make you quickly seat additional customers.

Then all you have to do is just to tap and queuing up moves for creating a combo system that rewards well planned trips.
In order to multiply the points, you will try to complete the same activity multiple times like taking orders from all of the people waiting
On the other side, you will also have to keep the customers being happy through serving them quickly or distracting them with a menu in the right time.

If some customers are a little down in the dumps, you can turn on the charm so that one of Flo’s better power-ups allows her to exude a more pleasant demeanor that patrons will pick up on.
By doing so, they will feel happier, in which you can receive tips and to increase your score as well.

Carry power-up when it comes to cleaning messes in that you are able to activate it if more than one customer leaves the restaurant at a time.
This kind of power up will allow Flo to empty tables more conveniently, so that you can allow to have a seat new customers and have a chance to earn more tips.

Meanwhile, you can use Happy Hour at the end of each “shift” whereby when the seconds are winding down you will see all the customers in a good mood, that will increase your tip count.
Thus help as many as you can.

Always take a look around and see on-screen indicators to know when a customer is hungry or impatient.
If this occurs, you have to act quickly, as they shuffle in at lightning speeds.
Take the first few rounds to get them served in that you will eventually settle into a pattern where you can read which customers are the first to serve.

In the 3D set-up, you will be difficult to serve some customers as their heads may block trays.
So simply tap the tray edges to pick them up as it works even if you will need to tap twice or more.
Try to guide customers to sit on the same colored seat as their outfit or uniforms for having more extra points.

Keep an eye on types of customers you sit next to each other as they will not always get along.
Try to set the drink off filling up whenever you are passing the bar in which they will get used as soon as the next customer arrives.
Try having two tasks at one time than running backwards and forwards as it saves time as well as granting extra points as well.

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