Gems Cheats Dino on Fire on iPhone

Dino on Fire is a new MMO strategy game which will assign you to accomplish the main goal that is to guide your Dinos to blast through the Tyranos
At the same time, you will get involved in PvP action in a battle for gold and solar energy.

Dino On Fire Tips

In related to this game, it uses the the hero system, where your main fighters are your big heroes, with your little warriors doing the assistance work.

Later on, you will have to lead your heroes wherever you want them to go in the middle of a battle in which you should make them use the most expeditious routes as well as to work together on one object.

During in the battle, you will be allowed to use your heroes’ special moves as often as possible.
In the mean time, when they are ready to use, the icon will appear over the corresponding hero’s head.

At this point, simply tap it and the attack will go off.
Once your hero total builds up, try to zoom out in order to make it easier to keep track of them.

Complete each quest in this game to get gems for free
In accordance with some rewards offered by this game, you will be given plenty of ways to earn them.
Here, gem are your premium currency, and they should be saved up and used to build new builders.

To gather more gems, try to tap on the activity page to earn rewards, then see what quests and tasks you have to complete for more rewards
Sometimes, you have to engage in the “Wanted” battles for a chance at new heroes, gems and other goodies.

Furthermore, you will then make a progress further into the game
Anyway, once you hit a certain level it is common simply to hit a wall.

Drop your trophies by sending in one hero, and forfeiting the battle, then doing it all over again.
You can keep doing this until they are low enough to make battles easy to win
Meanwhile, these battles will also provide you good totals of gold and energy.

On the other side, if you get to using the wanted stages to get new heroes, you can try to play the single player modes for a good chance of winning them as well.

In line with this, always keep in mind to defend your base.
At the same time, you can also maximize the quantity and upgrade level of you defensive units, and surround everything that you can with walls.

In addition, you can also unlock more by upgrading the Dino Town Hall
And, if you want to get more, you can keep doing it all over again.

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