Gems Coins Cheats in Dino Pets for iPhone

Dino Pets is a colorful monster-breeding game where humans and dinosaurs live peacefully, you will be tasked to help the lost dinosaurs and their generation for having new shelter

dino pets tips

In dino pets game, you can try to play mini game and complete quests to earn more rewards including gem and coins cash
Moreover, all you will do is to take care their babies by building a warm Safe Haven and decorating it with amazing items so that they feel like in their home.

You will also be asked to take a good care of the baby dinosaurs and watch them grow and become adults in their environment you build.
On the other side, you are able to do an experiment to create unknown species by pairing different types of dinosaurs.

By doing so, you can have 50 adorable dinosaurs from the friendly Diplodocus to the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex to collect for having more rewards as well
In the way of breeding them, you will be allowed to hire keepers to help you with the shelter.

Try to get your safe haven fully decorated into a lovely home for the dinosaurs to flourish.
For such reasons, you will be allowed to purchase decorations by using either gems or coins then build structures to make playing Dino Pets a pleasant experience

As a result, you can gather revenue from the shops you build to earn more coins and XP that you will need to build more shelters and to get the babies born.
Having more dinosaurs will come to more rewards with coins cash

In order to get new species, you have to build house eggs to get each egg hatched in comfort place so that you can collect your babies from the nursery and reunite them with their family from one specific species to another.
To get them more specific one, you can give each new baby for a nickname as well

Pairing up different dinosaur breeds will make you discover the most rare and beautiful creatures in which they will give you new babies of their species to collect.

By having more of them, you can also watch these magnificent specimens come to life and make your Dino Safe Haven a more colorful and populated place peacefully.

Once doing anything in this game like, building new shelters, collecting more dinosaurs babies and having more new species through dinosaurs experiment, you can add friends, visit and rate their shelter then check out other community players to know which one get more dinosaurs collection and beautiful shelters amongst the others.

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  1. I didn’t come here for a summary of normal gameplay, I came here for tips on how to get coins quicker without using real-world money to buy them. Has anyone tried farming popcorn stands, as an example?

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