Coin Bux Cheats Disco Zoo for iPhone

When playing disco zoo game, you must save some animals and add them to your right location to earn some more money named dicsobux
With the money, you can use them to expand your zoo with even more animals and faster vehicles.

disco zoo tips

Disco Bux is the premium currency of this game in that it is hard to come by without spending some real money, and you can earn free disco bucks.
In order to get free buck cash in this game, all you have to do is merely watch videos that will earn you 1 or more bucks.

On the other side, there are ways to actually earn them too – either in the Rescue Missions that is indicated in an icon of the Disco Bucks appearing instead of the animal or even from visitors who will randomly drop them at your zoo.

Moreover, every animal you collect will get you a better draw from the crowd, so that it will drop money randomly then you have to tap on the coins to pick them up.

In line with this, as you add more animals, the payout will increase and you will clean up.
Therefore, always stay alert of all sections of your zoo, and listen for “clink” noises to indicate when to gather the money.

In order to collect animals in this game, you will need to set off in your aerial vehicle and fly out to collect animals.
For such reasons, you can play a guessing game on a grid of about 15 squares, with a certain number of guesses to uncover animal tiles.
Afterward, you need to uncover all connecting animal tiles which are usually from 3 to 5 then to capture the animal and add it to your zoo.

That tiles may vary in size in which small rabbit will be a long four pieces across, while a stout pig will be four pieces stacked together, in a 2-on-2 fashion.

And every time you go on an animal rescue, the board will have 5×5 squares.
At this point, you have to check out the animals you have to find and depending on the numbers, be smart with the tile selection

As in description if you have a lot of 4 square animals, you can start with the central tiles.
If you have three tile animals, just tap every 3 tiles and you will be given with a limited number of taps and you should put them to good use.

So you will have to keep these formations in mind, as you will not collect the animals unless all their squares are uncovered first.
Furthermore, all the animals you collect will be added to your zoo in their own specialty pens, and you can access them by swiping your finger on the screen.

After making some progresses through the game, you can use Discobux to purchase better flying vehicles, that will increase your chance of finding animals.
As a result, you will be able to expand your attempts meter and you can uncover more squares in a round, instead of just the limited number of tries.

In addition, the disco party will keep animals awake and doubles their earnings.
Because of this, you can do it before they are about to fall asleep
Then, you will win a minute and also earn a lot more coins, and you can wake up your animals and keep them earning for you.

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