Credits Cheats Diver Dogs on iPhone

Diver Dogs is a new action puzzle game where yo will be given an access to control a bunch of dog or shark hybrids to rescue a bunch of cute little puppies that have been trapped inside of bubbles under the sea.

diver dogs tips

Along the game, you will be received missions where you have to beat a stage, in that you have to rescue at least one puppy and to make it back to the rescue boat in time.
Later on, you have to unlock Sector 2, whereby you have to rescue at least two puppies in every stage in Sector 1.

Then, you will have to unlock Sector 3, whereby you have to rescue every single puppy in both of the first two sectors.
So go back and start from oldest to newest missions when you replay stages for more puppies.

Throughout the game, you will be allowed to choose three different diver dogs, so choose wisely and pick one based on which stage you want to play.
Sharko is tough and it will be easier to control, and it can deliver more damage.
Sharkie is the speed demon.
Shar-Shar will have a more magnetic reach, and it will make you get some credits and pets as well.
Then, their stats will increase as they gain levels.

So if you are having trouble on a particular stage, you can keep playing an old stage over and over while your dogs gain experience points.
Doing so will make their stats increase
Afterward, you can go back to the tough stage and play it again
As a result, you will find it far easier to beat than it was before.

When being on your mission, you can take advantage of the various objects that you find around the way.
Using the chevrons will boost your speed

Meanwhile, the short force fields will send you in the direction that they are pointing and it can also boost your speed.
Anyway, when you are in the middle of a high speed run, you should be more careful while steering that you can do by tapping rather than holding the screen
Doing that action will ensure you that you do not overshoot it on the next turn.

Once collecting your credits through some missions, you can make some purchases for the upgrades that will change your dog cosmetically.
Launch cores are this game’s energy and once you use them up, they come back on their own
Alternatively, but you can set the time ahead on your phone to restore them immediately.

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