Diamonds Gemstones Cheats Domo Jump for iPhone

In domo jump game, you play as Domo-kun character floating around the outsides of the binders of various otaku for long time then you have to jump and try to get gems cash to purchase more boosts

domo jump tips

You will be equipped with an endless amount of costumes and there will be some stages for your Domo to jump in

When playing throughout the game, you will have to complete a goal that is to jump as high as you possibly can and to collect food, gems, and diamonds.

Moreover, having more gemstones will give you an access to purchase boosts in which you can go for a distance record.

Furthermore, a much more effective thing to spend those gemstones on is having so much new food items.
It is caused by, they are worth more food than the food items that you start out with
And the more gemstones that you spend on food items, the more they will be worth either.

Having these new food items will allow you to fill the food meter at the end of each level that will make you to play a mini game for more

When playing in mini game, you can drop the Domo into a Plinko style board and let him fall where he may. As a result, you will earn bonus diamonds on the stages
Note that you must be fairly lucky in order to earn diamonds this way.

in addition, you can earn about 1000 gems for every one diamond, and yet the new environments cost 500 or 900 diamonds each

Diamonds are the main currency of this game and you can find them within the levels themselves.
Having enough diamonds will make you to buy some of the premium bonuses that are available to you during the game in that each diamond that you find within the stage is worth just one.

On the other side, grabbing each of the ghost-white balloons will give you a bonus suit, such as the daredevil suit.

This suit will allow you to jump far higher and you will also jump too high with this suit.
When performing such action, try to use the double jump in the middle of the jump in order to stop yourself though.

Energy is the one that you will need to help him bound upwards between platforms in an endless jumping game whereby an energy meter will be the main point to do that action

Because of this, you need to collect various food items during your ascent to keep the energy meter filled along the game.

Performing a double jump option will take up more energy to perform in that it will also keep you jumping while coming across moving platforms, spiked barriers, and other obstacles to dealt with.

As making some progresses throughout the game, you can unlock power-ups such as costumes with special abilities, and new food items to replenish your energy meter for more actions.

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