High Score Cheats Don`t Touch The Spike iPhone

Your main objective in don`t touch the spike ketchapp studio game is essentially to bob off of the walls on left and right side without hitting sharp wall on that side.

dont touch the spike tips

On the other hand, this game will gets extreme challenge as you will control the flying bird by touching it to move speedier and quicker
So, the spikes get tougher as you will find your bird starts moving faster and faster, the spikes that kill you become more and more numerous, and the safe space on the wall is getting smaller and smaller.

Generally, you can try to stick to hitting the largest safe areas possible on the wall.
Remember not to practice your jumping precision, and try to hit the smallest flat areas instead

The areas are only one or two spaces wide with spikes on either side.
Try to hit fast to make you more accurate, which will make it far easier to win once you are on harder segments of each level.

After some practice, you can try to start bouncing off of the easy spaces.
Because of this, you will see how high you can run your score up before dying. At some point, the difficulty stops increasing, so you need to focus on safe space.

Anyway after playing for long time, make sure to take a break from the game for about an hour or so
Then go back to the game again, so that you will find yourself making far higher scores than you had in the previous levels.

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