How to Reach High Score in Doodle Jump Race for iPhone

When playing doodle jump race game, all you will do is to hold down your finger on the screen to launch your alien character into the air, while racing against the other players for victory.

doodle jump race guides

And, you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to win the race from start to finish line.
In each race, up to four people can participate in it, and you will have to avoid incoming obstacles in order to be a champion.

You will start at one point of the course, then you have to race through a series of gateways in order to reach the finish line for first.
In order to avoid obstacles, you need to bounce off them and work your way through the open gap to continue to race.
One thing, try making a clean race as you will win the race if you encounter the less collisions towards the other opponents.

During the race, all you must do is to keep your eves open for the next obstacles and prepare your moves to avoid them without an impact.
In line with this, just keep a finger on your thrust technique and make your way through gates successively, so that you can keep ahead of other racers behind you.
However, if you hit something, you must struggle to get through the gap and go back to the rhythm of your race style.

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