Rare Dragon Cards Cheats Dragon Collection iPhone

In dragon collection game, you have to complete quests and start card battling, and collect cards even the rarest ones
Sometimes, you will run out of energy before you level up when playing the quests around level 6 or so continuously.

Dragon Collection

You can use all of your upgrade points on your energy and not on your attack and defense power if you are only playing for the quests and not the battles

In this occasion you can play continuously for a much longer time, to around level 10 or so, without having to use any health potions or wait around for you energy to regenerate.

Having dragon crystals will earn you Zenny every time when you offer them up as an offering to break a seal.
Just get a rare dragon card as a reward when you break every seal in one area.
Then start questing as intensely as possible in order to max out on the dragon crystals when you get the magic pick.

You have to go after people at a lower level than you are, and also for those who have less monsters than you in that you have to do this when playing in versus mode.

Note that someone with having more monsters, they will have a more powerful deck
And a player with a low level and low monsters, their deck will be easy to beat, even if their few cards are actually powerful at all.

You can refill your energy freely three times within 24 hours after your energy runs out Of course your experience level is less than twenty when doing so.

In order do this try to run your energy down to empty then try to take another step in the quest.
Afterward the option will pop up asking you if you want to restore your energy. So just do it to get your new energy refilled

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