Gems Cheats in Dragon Friends for iPhone

In dragon friends game, all you will do is to plant more crops like tomatoes and harvest them in many times to earn you as many gold coins as possible
Except gems, coins in this game will take a role as currency where you can purchase some items that you will need throughout the game

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On the other side, you can also set a long farming job, such as sunflowers or raspberries, when you go offline in order to gather coins until you come to offline again.

Also, you can earn experience points quickly, in which you have to find a decoration that gives you a high amount of experience for the amount of coins spent.

You can apply the 60-coin decorations, such as the waterwheel and the jars for increasing your experience level.
In accordance with this, there are four different varieties of every animal and dragon in different colors, meaning different rarities.

Furthermore, if your animals and dragons’ experience levels are higher, and you can breed those animals in rare colors, so that you can also get a rarer animal or dragon.

building many farm plots in this game will fit onto your island
Meanwhile, farming is one of the best ways to earn more coins as well.

When building your island for the first start, you must place your buildings as close together as possible, so that you can make more room on the island for new buildings.

Locked treasure chests will usually appear in the water that will cost 2 gems to open.
And you will get 500 coins but you need more gems to unlock them for more.
In order to get more 395 gold for free, you can sell the magic tree.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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