Crystals Cheats Dragon Legion for iPhone

Dragon Legion is a new card battling rpg will prompt you to accomplish a goal that is to quest through the “conquest” stages

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Along the game, you will get involved in a nearly endless series of boss battles and you will have to fight against boss, while building up your card team to be the most powerful heroes along the game.

In order words, the main point of this game is to collect and summon over 600 cards of mythical heroes and beasts to build an unbeatable deck of legendary heroes and dragons then play together with friends to unleash the powers of fierce dragons in guild card battles.
Meanwhile, you will embark on dangerous quests to strengthen your hero and uncover hidden treasures.

Throughout the game, you will sometimes get involved in in the boss battles in the conquest mode, in that you can collect random cards that you can use at random times

Therefore, you can also use fusion on all of your cards – at least all of the ones you plan to keep in your party for awhile.
At this point, fusion will be great way to power up all of your cards’ statistics.

In fact, for these battles, if you have R and R+ cards that have been upgraded using fusions, it can be best to run a squad using nothing but these more powerful cards that will set to conquest.

For such reasons, you will take more damage per hit due to having lower overall health, so that you can finish the battles so quickly because of sky-high attack power.

On the other side, evolution will increase the base stats of the cards involved and send their levels back to 1 level.

Remember that if you want to evolve a card that has already been fused a lot, you have to upgrade using more fusion.

So simply save your best fusion boosts, such as the Grimoires that you earn from completing relic collections, and to be used for your rarest cards in general.

Make sure to have the largest squad when going to the Dragon Battles in which just participate as often as you can, that will come to the more rewards you earn after each battle is done in this game.

In addition, one collecting the currencies, Arcana Fragments and Crystals, just save them up as the purchases that you can make with these are one of the best ways to acquire new rare and super rare cards.

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