Gems Cheats Dragon Tactics for iPhone

In dragon tactics game, you will simply mix and match up your solid cards to create the most powerful deck
Here, you will be given five different elements for each one of your monsters in which one and the other elements will beat one another

dragon tactics tips

Water beats fire
And, fire beats plant
While, plant beats water
Also, light beats dark
Then, dark beats light

Before going to play the game, it will be better to have a good mix of elements in your team, as you will always be able to attack and not end up without usable gems during the battle.

At this point, make sure to keep some good monsters in reserve so that you can quickly adjust to a new strategy if the need arises.
Generally, your team should contain a good mix of all of the above monsters so that you can match up fairly evenly against any team that you play.

In the mean time, you must try to keep some good strong backup monsters, because if you get stuck on a dungeon and you need an elemental advantage, you will want to swap them in.

Meanwhile, you can go back through old dungeons and grind through them again so that you can earn common monsters in battle, and you can make more friends that will come to stronger leader cards that you can use in battle as helpers, as well as earning more social points.

Using enhancement will allow you to sacrifice the common monsters so that you can power up the uncommon monsters in this game.
On the other side, using evolution will allow you to upgrade the star rating of a specific monster, in exchange for using various material cards.
Anyway, your target monster will be needed to be max leveled as well.
Later on, you need to find more material cards, in that you have to go to the limited time dungeons and beat them.

At the same time, you will have a chance at capturing monsters after every battle
But, for the super rare evolution materials your best bet is the limited edition rounds in which you will have a better shot at finding super rare monsters there as well.

During the battle you can put together as long or as many combinations as you want.
To set your strategy, just go dragging a gem around allows you to use six-piece attacks that will come to higher damage version of the 5-piece splash attacks, with the jewels knocked out, the merrier.

You can also try to make specific gem combinations to knock out multiple combos in one shot
Moreover, you will get a damage multiplier depending on how long of a combo chain that you can make.

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