Where to Earn Rubies Armor in Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon for iPhone

Get some quests completed well in dragons of atlantis heirs of the dragon game to earn rubies and other goodies
Follow the quests and accomplish them to collect the resources such as rubies that you will need to upgrade your dragon and to get the dragon armors as well

dragons of atlantis heirs of the dragon tips

Afterward, just build and upgrade all your base buildings in order to get things up and running quickly.
In the beginning of the game, you will start the game off with a Great Dragon in your Dragon Keep, and you will the main duty to defend your city.
For such reasons, you will need the weapon that is the dragon armor that you will need for later mission

Furthermore, in the of having the dragon armor, you can deliver an attack to Anthropus camps, whereby it will earn you all kinds of big prizes as well.
Meanwhile, to earn the dragon armor, just go to Campaign Mode then enter the battles against the Grodz bases.

Before doing that action, go to the Quest screen then tab over to Campaign in order to get the Grodz base battles.
When being in this phase, you will start with one Grodz base, so you have to beat it then attack the level 2 Grodz base.
Keep doing so to walk to the level 3 Grodz base then continue to ten levels of Grodz bases.

Conquering the first nine bases will only earn you some extra resources with a chance at other prizes but once you beat the tenth Grodz base, you will earn the Dragon Armor.
On the other side, every dragon in this game will have a different set of Dragon Armor, since the Armor that you earn is randomized.

Before using your dragon for the first time, you have to upgrade the dragon to level 8 firstly.
Afterward, you have to get all of the armor that you need for the dragon that can be collected by defeating Grodz and other random folks in the Anthropus camps, or by buying it with rubies.

In the way of beating Anthropus camps at level 1, you can crank up your resource buildings rapidly to afford and to train more Halberdiers and Conscripts.

In this phase, you can train a few thousand Halberdiers and start taking on level 1 through 3 Anthropus camps, then train thousands and thousands of Conscripts to do the same thing.

You can just load up on porters for few times on the armored transports in order to unlock the more powerful troops
Alongside, the porters will carry your stolen resources back with them, so always make sure to have a good supply of them on hand.
As you can use tougher players quicker you will have Anthropii to raid resources tougher.

To raid on active players easily, just search for players who is active on the regional map then see their power level has increased slightly.
Then spy on them to see if the have any troops around or they may be sending out their entire army to attack other player, so that it will be easy to attack and take over their cities.

Train Halberdiers and Minotaurs, especially the Minotaurs as they fight enemies at the front
Unlock Longbowmen as they are great for attacking from the back and deliver long range attack.
The short range troops will be the first ones to take damage while the long range troops will only take damage once the short range troops have been killed in the combat.

Once winning the battle, you will be able to unlock the Swift Strike Dragons, a strong troop, whereby you can have a chance of winning the Grodz battles and defeating levels 3-5 Anthropus Camps as well.

Moreover, Battle Dragons are the strongest one than Swift Strike Dragons to beat up to 8 of the Grodz Battles, as well as higher level Anthropus Camps.
Unlocking the Armored Transports, such as the Porters, a carrier troop, will be good to carry more resources with them.

In addition, unlocking top 2 troops such as the Giants and the Fire Mirrors will help you win the final two Grodz battles, in which you will unlock the Great Dragon in battle.
After all these troops are united and trained well, you can defeat other players easily and the high level Anthropus Camps will be made short work as well.

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