Tickets Cash Cheats Dream House Days for iPhone

When playing dream house days kairosoft game, you can get tickets for free in that you will simply delete your entire friends list then add some new friends into your list again.

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You can keep doing so every time you want to collect free tickets.
Meanwhile, your friends can give you up to 20 tickets apiece, so after they earn you the maximum level of tickets, delete them and find new friends.

Moreover, adding your active friends will give you bonuses when they play.
And, if you play long enough whereabouts 7 minutes at a time, you will earn one ticket every ten minutes while stopping at 10 tickets per gameplay session so that you can simply save and restart the game to claim your tickets as rewards.

Cash will be as useful to gather so you can get them by improving a college student’s intellect or helping one of your residents change jobs.
In line with that line, you can let your residents choose their outfits and hairstyle in which that activity will increase stats.
On the other side, helpful stat boosters can only be bought with tickets and you can improve your residents’ employment paths easily with tickets.

Manage an apartment complex, fill it with tenants, make them as happy and as wealthy as possible will be your main goal of this game
Fulfilling what your residents needs will make them pay more rent to you and repeat the process.

In the beginning of the game, you can start off with a tiny little complex, and expand it into a gigantic complex then unlock various new research as time goes on as well.

Before showing you apartment, be sure to fill it with various forms of furniture so that it will increase the comfort level.
Thus the higher the comfort level, the more rent your tenants will pay.

Furthermore, adding furniture to a current tenant’s apartment will increase the amount of rent they are willing to pay.
As a result, the higher the comfort level is to begin with, the higher the deposit they will be willing to pay.

Having nice furniture will increase the comfort in your apartment then you can enter the comfort competition to earn money aside from collecting rent.
So get the higher comfort level to win goodies such as a job change pass which can be used on your lowest income residents.

Maintaining a successful apartment building requires profit in which you can set or raise the rent and add some amenities for your tenants to get them comfort

Also try to help shape your residents’ relative happiness too and make sure they can get good jobs and eventually settle down or otherwise prosper.
According to this, you can gain new furnishings and construction expansions using points earned when tenants interact with objects.

In addition, in order to get your residents a spouse, they need a couple permit there
Make sure you build their apartment with a child permit in order for them to have children as well.

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