Where to Collect Coins Gears Duck Dynasty Battle of The Beards iPhone

In duck dynasty battle of the beards game, you have to complete the available rounds successfully in each mini-game to earn money coins cash.
Anyway, it seems you get to blend the perfect mustache and beard combo.

duck dynasty battle of the beards tips

Furthermore, you will have got three turns to complete the game successfully so that you will receive a bunch of cash to take home as the reward.
Thus try to reach the intensity level higher, so that you will clean up for more.

Moreover, once collecting money throughout the game, you can use it to unlock each brother’s voice to hear their “Advice From the Bayou and Beyond.”
At that point, it is like an add-on that lets you hear the characters speak their minds with a number of popular quotes from the show in which you will also be allowed to unlock a few new challenges in the mini-games.

To catch frogs, you actually need to swipe from the frog to the bucket then wait for the frog to leap to a new pad before dragging them down while playing with them before tap on the frogs to take them home for your pie.

The method to catch fish is to hold your finger down on the fishing hook, then move it down into the ocean until it touches a fish’s mouth.
Afterward let go of the screen right away until it gets fished up and added to your total.

When going to the Dove Hunt mini-game, there will be gray birds, and white birds.
Remember to shot the white birds only and do not aim the gray ones as the targets.

Every time you hit every duck in this game, you will have a long reload time where your shotgun shells will actually pass through more than one bird
In line with this, take a time then wait for two of them to overlap.

With money you have collected from the game, you can add new ‘Gear’ to your characters such as shirts, pants, hats, beanies, glasses and bandanas including plenty of Duck Dynasty-labeled wear that will give your character new look along the game.

For such reasons, you have to play through mini-games so that you are be able to level up your character and to unlock this options at one time
After your characters get long beards, you must make it always dry whereby just take one finger and very rapidly swipe backwards and forwards right across the brother’s beard of Robertson family.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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