Eggs Coins Cheats Pili Pili Rush iPhone

In pili pili rush free game, all you will do is to collect and return eggs for the fire bird
Here, you must successfully traverse each bite-size level while collecting eggs for your friend Minka.

pili pili rush walkthrough

In your journey of collecting eggs for your friends you have to solve the mysterious secret by searching on the treasure chests and also earn some coins when doing so

Each stage will consist of chock-full of switches, treasure chests, and a wide variety of enemies
Therefore you can either avoid or defeat by stamping on their heads so that you can grab those eggs easily.

Those puzzles spread across six different gorgeous and colorful environments, including an Aztec temple, a haunted wood, and a mysterious faraway isle.

In the beginning you will be tested in 2 difficulty levels for hours of fun
So you will have a journey before solving this mysterious secret by discovering the hidden objects inside treasure chests as your clues.

You can control your character with three simple virtual buttons that will be ‘left’, ‘right’, and ‘jump’ buttons available onscreen or with one of those nifty iCade peripheral thingies.

So you will simply jump around tricky platforming levels filled with switches, warp zones and respawning enemies in the hopes of collecting and returning eggs for your firebird friend.

On the other side you have to complete each level as fast as you can if you wish to nab a three-star rating and beat your friends to the top of Pili Pili Rush’s Game Center-powered leaderboards.

Not only are there two game modes: Normal and Spicy, but each game mode is packed with 60 levels for you hop through,
In addition you have to complete each of them with taking less than 60 seconds only.

And you can show your total score from each mode Game Center leaderboards, in which maximizing your score on every single level is pretty important to be the highest on the leaderboards.

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