Eggs to Pet Cheats Tamagotchi Life iPhone

When playing tamagotchi life game, you will start with eggs then grow digital pet by feeding them up
Later on, you should also clean up and play with your growing digital pet started from an egg. Moreover, another egg will be laid and the circle of life will continue later on and on.

tamagotchi life walkthrough

The full screen version of this game will deliver touch controls to access the seven different functions of feed, light switch, play, medicine, clean, stats, and discipline.

In addition you will play the pixelated pet with a lot more fun features like additional backgrounds and shells for the outside of the virtual case.
And you can enable the notifications the first time the app is launched to get full advantage of the Tamagotchi experience during the play.

You have to grow the pet by giving some food, sleep and entertainment on a regular basis during the day.
This game offer one with the classic egg-shaped case with three buttons and a zoomed in mode to cycle through the different functions.

The classic display mode allows users the ability to take care of their critter using the three classic control buttons to feed, clean and play like in a real Tamagotchi device.
The zoom mode allows users to use the three buttons so that they can directly touch and perform each task.

The play function will offer you some interactive moves such as the Tamagotchi will turn left or right, while the new color mode offers rock, paper, scissors to play with your Tamagotchi.
Try to switch between each mode to play your Tamagotchi with more collectible wallpapers, digital egg shell skins, and your Tamagotchi evolution history as well.

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