Crystals Coins Cheats Element Defender 3D for iPhone

In element defender 3d game, you must try to accomplish each chapter and defeat enemies bosses to get blue crystals and coins cash
Here, you will take a role as young warrior who has the main mission to protect the Magicrystal and defeat the incoming enemies trying to destroy the Magicrystal of the continent of Palantiria, and seize the control over the land.

element defender tips

In this hybrid of RPG and Strategy, you will your skill to beat the incoming enemies yourself, or placing defensive crystals and traps to protect the Magicrystal

In the way of protecting the Magicrystal, you will go through 5 chapters and 25 different levels with amazing scenario experience that will guide you while adventuring the continent

Try to play in higher difficulty for having better item and pet loots that are dozens of pets for your collection, and train them to reveal their hidden powers

This game will allow you to choose a wide selection of weapons that can be equipped and upgraded
Every weapon in this game offers a unique magical skill
On the other side, some various items will help you in fighting against hundred of distinctive monsters in the battlefield

As being the last magic tower defender, you have to protect the balance of the mainland and defend the last magic crystal by defeating the invasion of monsters then fight for your life and glory.

As monsters come at you from all corners, you must try beating them using an impressive variety of upgradable magic weapons like fire, light and ice, traps to ensnare foes, potions and even pets to help you attack them.

So you will just tap the area of the screen to move your hero traveling around the screen while staying alert of the incoming enemies trying to attack the Magicrystals

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