Cards Gems Gold Cheats Elemental Kingdoms for iPhone

Elemental Kingdoms is a trading cards game, where you collect more cards to be used for battling with the enemies that you will meet throughout the game and get at least 3 or 2-star cards in the deck to finish every quest

elemental kingdoms tips

When exploring the quest, you will spend energy searching the area without actually fighting.
And you will get gold, experience, and sometimes cards, if you fight against any enemies in the battle while exploring the area of each map.
In accordance with this, exploring will be your only way to keep farming the area then going to the Map screen in order to complete quests as well.

Furthermore, exploring the “Myst Tower” will prompt you to navigate through a simple maze, searching for treasure chests and battling monsters, while also searching for the stairs leading to the next floor.
By doing so will earn you some extra experience and gold cash and you will also find more cards around the area.

On the other side, once getting enough gold, you can purchase cards with it ranging from 5 cards for 10K or with gems that will be 1 card for 30 gems, 11 cards for 300 gem
Moreover, you can get special fire tokens that are often offered as login rewards that will be 1 card for 1 special fire token.

In this phase, only enchant the cards when they are at least get one to level 5 before moving on to another level so that you can boost stats and increase new skill to bring into battlefield.

When going for the battle, cards skills activate automatically and can include dealing damage to any random enemy card, inflicting status effects, healing friendly cards, reducing damage when attacked during the combat.

For such reasons, you can try and earn Grey Runes as it is good for either selling or enchanting or Rune Scraps, which can be exchanged for whole runes in that you can find them when meditate in the temple

Runes will act as a sort of damage bonus whereby every rune activates under different circumstances
Thus, you can edit your deck, choose a rune to equip, change decks when creating the ability and save multiple decks while viewing your hero’s stats.

In order to earn money, all you have to do is stay for questing, leveling up, logging in, etc.
And once collecting enough cash, you can purchase more cards and enchant your heavy-hitters as you will gather more gold in the near future.

However, if you indeed need money, you can sell whatever you have no use then you can power-up cards Enchant Card and Enchant Rune.
In addition, you can also send energy to your friends and Claim extra energy that your friends sent to you as rewards.

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