Cash Books Cheats Empire Fleet iPhone

When playing empire fleet game, you must build your empire then attack the others ones for gems resources and glory, then build up your fleet, and join an alliance and to dominate the world and the server you enter.

empire fleet tips

When playing this game, you are limited in how many ships you can take on a raid by your leadership that can be increased when you earn leadership books.

At this point,try to send out as many fleets at different times as you want in that you can attack more often to knock out the enemies in this game

Thus, just send multiple fleets in very short succession, so that they will not have enough time to recover their ships during the attacks and you will win that battle in much easier.

If you play this game regularly, you will see many abandoned cities do exist, and many more will pop up, especially on older servers.

For such reasons, try to for any city that is completely unguarded but it is still producing resources, and you can attack them for gathering resources from them.
If you want some more, you can come back anytime until the server deletes them for being inactive.

In the way of protecting your empire, you can do it by stationing a fleet of ships there
On the other side, you can also auto-defend by going to Options > Settings > Automatically Reinforce the Defending Fleet.

Doing that action will ensure that you will be always immediately at full protection after your ships are done being constructed at that time.

And, you can leave this off if your current goal is to build your fleet and lose none of them until you are really ready to invade the others empires.

After going through some progresses in this game, you should spend the first seven days upgrading as quickly as possible

It is caused by when you have the beginner protection, you have to do it right away or your protection is gone, then start upgrading anyways to make up for it.

Try to upgrade the command center to upgrade your dock for more, so that you can build better ships, not to mention other functional buildings.

In addition, if you are far behind on the server you are on, simply check the server list and go to the newest available as soon as possible.
It will give yourself a head start to form your own alliance right from the get-go with the gold.

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