Starstones Coins Cheats Epic Empire A Hero`s Quest for iPhone

In epic empire a hero`s quest game, you must build and grow your business to earn more gems and coins cash
And, you will also learn the basics of town building and generating revenue and do battle with bandits that overrun a wild land.

epic empire a heroe`s quest tips

Because of this, you will be engaged with the bandits wherever you find them in the battle.
Thus all you have to do is to drive out all the bad guys in an area, then reclaim that land for your own and build on it.

Afterward, you must build resources and businesses by tapping the “manage” icon, and then “resources.” And every building will generate coins over time, which go back into upgrading your equipment and executing bandit attacks.

Moreover, you need to build a storehouse to store your coins in so that the higher your storehouse’s level, the more coins it can hold even if it is in the massive amount.
Furthermore, every business you have built on that land will generate coins that you can use to grow your business even bigger.

In line with this, coins are necessary for upgrading your equipment, and for funding your excursions into bandit-occupied territory.
Meanwhile, starstones are rare gems that you can use to speed up tasks and to purcahse rare items, armor and weapons to dress up your heroes before going to the battlefield for glory.
According to this, you can earn starstones when you level up or complete certain quests.

In the way of gathering coins, you can sell off any unwanted equipment for a few coins in exchange.
On the other side, accessing your referral code will earn you rewards if your friends cite it when signing up to play Epic Empire.

So for the main core of this game, you have to upgrade your buildings and businesses by tapping on them and selecting “upgrade” in which these upgrade will need metal bars, that you are awarded with for certain tasks.
As a result, upgrading your business as quick as possible will earn you as many coins as you can.

In this game, you will be allowed to make new weapons and armor at the blacksmith if you have the required materials and the forging fee then you must invest as much as possible into upgrading your equipment for the powerful one.

Every victory you reach in this game will yield loot whereby it is to equip a powerful piece of armor that will come to improved protection
Anyway, even lower-level stuff can go back into improving the armor that you already have equipped early on this game.

Once making items, you can try fusing your materials for strengthening them.
Consequently, the more you use them for fusion, the stronger your item will become.
On the other words, you are able to evolve certain equipment if you have the required ingredients and proper amount of coins.
Note that, fusing equipment will cost coins.

When battling with the bandits, every time they deliver a hit, your hit points will deplete.
And if your hit points are in zero, you will be sent back to the village.

Enemy will be needed when you perform any action in the battle
Every time you attack a group of enemies, you expend energy.
Therefore, you can purchase energy with starstones in order to recharge them over time.

In addition, performing actions like fighting and building will level up heroes.
For such reasons, if you reach higher level, you will be able to unlock more resources.

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