Energy Drinks Cheats Epic Skater on iPhone

Epic Skater is a new endless skateboarding game, where you will be prompted to accomplish the main goal that is to go as far as you can and score as many points as you can

epic skater tips iphone

Later on, every point you rack up will rely on some tricks that you are stringing together as many as you can.
In performing cool stunts, you will be given a number of tricks you can do, mainly kick tricks, manuals and grinds, but also spins later on in the game.

You are able to string together an endless combination of tricks.
Therefore, all you have to do is to land in a manual whenever you land back on the ground.
To do this stunt, when you will land, go to swipe in a direction then hold your finger on the screen, so that you will land in a manual.
If you let go by accident, then you will start doing a kick trick and lose the whole combo.

You can do manuals by swiping in a direction when your skater is on the ground or about to land on the ground and then holding the screen.
Try to swipe and let go results in a kick trick, while landing on a nearby rail or wall results in a grind trick
At the same time, you have to try swiping before you hit the wall or rail results in a different form of grind trick.

Coins are the main currency of the game, in which you can gather them during your runs.
On the other side, you can get free coins from offers as well.

In line with this, just hit the free coins button to pop up an advertisement video.
Once you get this, just watch the whole thing then when you are done, you will have a reward of 25 coins for free.
After having enough coins, you can buy all kinds of upgrades to your skater either before you enter a round, or by going to the stats area.

Speed upgrades will make your skater skate faster
And, grind, kick and ollie upgrades will improve your balance, decrease your speed loss and make it easier to land tricks.
Spin upgrades will increase the speed so that you can spin your moves.

Furthermore, you will be able to string together multiple spin and kick tricks in a row
However, this is dicey unless you either jump off of a ramp or down a huge drop, or over a huge gap when stringing that tricks.
In your attempt of doing that tricks, you must until the big jumps to try to string all of these together.

Meanwhile, when you do not have big jumps, you can go from kick to manual to kick to manual etc etc so that you will have a chance to string huge combos together.

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