Credits Fuel Cheats Epoch 2 for iPhone

In epoch 2 game, you will simply move and shoot any incoming enemies to open the portal of collecting fuel
Here, you go for head to head robot combat controlled by intuitive touch gestures.

epoch 2 tips

During in the action, you will still have a cover based shooter where you swipe in different directions to move between cover points then tap on enemy robots to target them.

There will be different choices to make on the order of attack of enemies, when to use special items, and when to take cover to reload while trying to collect fuel cells to both protect, and resuscitate a princess from cryo-sleep.

On the other words, you have to move constantly from one position to another as you will be assaulted by rapid fire weaponry, and certain enemies launch massive missiles

Once you get involved in the gun battle, you should keep an extremely close eye on your ammo.
It is caused by there is no point being out of cover if you can not take a single shot
However, when running out of ammunition, make sure to get near a place you can take cover behind while you make your emergency refill.

Besides, using ammo, you can use your special boosts as efficiently as possible at a time.
In line with this, if you see a circle appear over the enemy you are currently fighting, tap on it quickly to start a lethal take-down so that you can leap over any obstacles in the way and get right up in the enemy’s face then finish them immediately before they know what things hit them.

After finishing off your current target with a single shot, focus on the next incoming enemy as quickly as possible whereby they will take a little while to set their sights on you and get a shot off, so that you will have to focus on their nearby friends quickly to shoot them first.
And if there is enemy taking cover, and there is another, you will have to think about switching target nearby temporarily

When getting involved in the gun combat, try concentrate on the enemies that are moving towards you and always take a cover to avoid the worst of a long-range assault so that you can survive during the combat with your health on a stable level.
At this point, always save enough ammo in the chamber to do some damage, so that you will have enough bullets to finish off the first job.

After having tough gunshot and completing a cropper on the battlefield, go for upgrading your fighter in the Scrapyard area of the interface.
By doing so will improve the power of your weapons and add a few defensive improvements that should help you ultimately muddle through even the trickiest campaign challenges.
In accordance with that challenge, make sure to go back and complete a section of the campaign in a handful of different ways.

In Iron Mode, you must go back and kick the you-know-what out of even tougher enemies
And in Time Trial Mode, you will be tasked to complete every checkpoint within a certain amount of time.
On the other words, you must complete the vanilla version of a level before these unlock.

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