How to Get Wisdom Coins in Eras of Alchemy iPhone

Eras of Alchemy is a matching game, you will have to find the correct combinations to revive extinct organisms, in that you have to assist H.E.R.A revive the Earth’s species that you can do by pairing two organisms together in order to create new species.

eras of alchemy guides

When starting this game for the first time, you will be provided with a few basic organisms where you have to try to make matches for having a good one.

If you can match them properly, you will create a new species.
Furthermore, you can use that new organism to match with existing ones.

In order to match them, you must drag the organism icons and places them on two juxtaposing alchemy pods so that if it is matched well, a new species will be revived though.
However, if it is not a match, nothing will happen either.

When playing this game, you will be served with screen that is divided in two sides.
You will see the alchemy pods and habitats located at the top of the screen.
The map key of all the organisms is located at the bottom of your screen.

In line with this, if the organism is colored-in on the map key, it means you have already created it and you can use that organism to create other species.
By tapping a colored-in organism on your map key, that creature will float to the habitat, then you can drag that organism to the alchemy board so that you can use it to make matches.

And on the map key, you will see the darkened fossils which are species that you have not revived yet.
Try to click on a darkened fossil to pop up a riddle that will help you guess that fossil’s ancestry.
Later on, if you have accumulated enough wisdom coins, you can unlock a hint about that creature’s parents’ habitat, trait or the ancestor itself.

On the other side, you can match all the lower leveled organisms so that another meteor shower will occur then you can try to pair new more advanced lifeforms.

At this point, if the habitat gets too congested, just hold down on an organism and it will disappear.
You can also tap on the garbage icon to clear the entire board quickly that will be useful if the habitat gets too populated.

Every time you match organisms into new one, you will earn wisdom coins.
With these wisdom coins, you can unlock tips if you really get stuck on stage.

Eras of Alchemy Solution Stage 1 to 3.
Amoeba + Spiky Cell = Jellyfish.
Amoeba + Worm = Flagellum.
Worm + Jellyfish = Slug.

Eras of Alchemy Solution Stage 4 to 6.
Flagellum + Jellyfish = Cilium.
Worm + Spiky Cell = Caterpillar.
Bug + Caterpillar = Centipede.

Eras of Alchemy Solution Stage 7 and 8.
Caterpillar + Amoeba = Anemone.
Spiky Cell + Anemone = Sea Urchin.

In addition, once you revive all of these creatures, more asteroids will come.
Thus, you will get a chance of trying to match more advanced creatures in this game.

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